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Holbox officials pushing to ban visitor dogs on island

Holbox, Q.R. — Visitors to the island of Holbox may soon be forced to leave their pets behind. Authorities are considering an island dog-ban for visitors to control the number of animals and protect the island.

The Management Program of the Area of Protection of Flora and Fauna of Yum Balam is pushing for the prohibition of visitor pets to Holbox, said Christopher Arturo González Baca of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas in Quintana Roo.

He says the move would mean that pet owners would have to leave their dogs in a shelter at the port of Chiquilá. He explained that for now, three inspectors are boarding boats to supervise and regulate the transfer of pets.

“Work is being done to create a census of pets and control the entry of foreign pets. It could even be a window of opportunity for the opening of pet daycare centers in Chiquilá while you go to Holbox,” he added.

The main challenge is the implementation of the questioned program, which he explained, seeks to regulate all activity on the island including, in turn, the arrival of tourists.

“Right now, as such, the mechanism is not well planned. What is being worked is, one, to create a census of pets and, the other, to prevent the entry of foreign pets,” he said.