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High price of lemons expected to keep climbing

Cancun, Q.R. — The Federal Secretariat of Economy (SE) says that the price of lemons will likely continue to rise.

Alfredo Ramos Tescum, president of the Confederación Nacional Campesina (CNC) for the state, says that the price of the highly-consumed fruit will continue to rise, but not to the benefit of producers.

“The price of this and many other products is governed by supply and demand in the supply centers or markets. Today you can have one price and tomorrow it could be doubled. However, the producer is selling for an average of 20 pesos per kilo, and although the market is twice that amount, he will not generate higher profits due to inflation,” he explained.

The price for lemons a week ago was around 24 peso per kilo, yet this week, the highly sought after fruit is more than 40 peso per kilo. CNC says that the price for a kilo of lemons will likely exceed 50 peso and could hit as high as 70 peso per kilo due to short supply and high consumer demand.

The skyrocketing prices are being blamed on the drought in fruit growing regions of the country.

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