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Heavy rains force boas onto Cozumel streets

Cozumel, Q.R. – Several days of heavy rain are being blamed for the large snakes that have been seen on popular Cozumel streets.

Residents in Cozumel have been dealing with record rains as well as a variety of reptiles who have taken to the streets in search of higher and drier land.

Rafael Chacon Diaz, manager of Ecology, reported that over the past few days, officials have rescued and relocated five boa snakes from Cozumel streets. He said that during these heavy rains the boas take to higher ground and needed to be relocated. The snakes were moved out of urban areas and eventually into the National Park.

He asks that any residents who see displaced reptiles, including snakes, to report their sightings to the municipal of Ecology or Civil Protection. He stresses that even though municipal organizations have done their best to ensure the safety of the people of the island, reptiles such as large snakes will make their way to drier land.

Although Civil Protection spent many days preparing for the rains by cleaning the streets and unloading the drainage systems of garbage, the absorption wells and culverts clog easily. Director of Public Services, José Luis Infanzón, asks residents to not litter and to keep their garbage in bins and avoid letting items such as plastic and even leaves to cast over the drainage systems.

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