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Health commission warning businesses about fake inspectors

Cancun, Q.R. — The Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) is warning local businesses about fake inspectors who are extorting owners.

Cofepris officials have been alerted to the presence of people posing as inspectors in several municipalities of the state with the purpose of extorting businessmen.

“We have had reports of people who have performed fake inspections for profit,” said Miguel Pino Murillo, who says that so far, they have three reported cases, two in Cozumel and one in Cancun.

“In the case of Cozumel, the fake inspectors arrive with numbered orders that have the full name and address of the business, but they are security sheets, not inspection sheets,” he explains.

Cofepris officials have already carried out an inspection of their own in an attempt to identify the fake inspectors, but he says, they never leave paperwork behind. There is no documentation left for the business.

Pino Murillo says they have detected 80 false sanitary documents and 15 cards used by restaurants and other business in the northern part of the state. He adds that original documents will bear the Ministry of Health endorsement and will have a logo that can be seen when passed under ultraviolet light.

Miguel Pino Murillo, state head of Cofepris, urged citizens to call Public Security in the event they are visited by alleged inspectors who do not have signed credentials. He says they will enter the premises  with a fake inspection order authorizing the review of the establishment.

“Owners of the targeted businesses say they have already completed their formal inspections, so we do not know if the fake inspectors were from our institution or not,” Pino Murillo noted.