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Health advisers saying chemotherapy and fish oil don’t mix

Last updated on January 27, 2018

Health advisers have long told people to add fish oil to their daily diet. A new discovery though, suggests that fish oil – including fish oil supplements – should be avoided by those receiving chemotherapy.

A new study from the Netherlands revealed evidence that suggests certain fish oil supplements could actually encourage cancer cells to reassemble after chemotherapy. Ultimately, this would reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and its ability to fight the often deadly disease.

With this new information, health experts are advising patients under chemotherapy to stop taking fish oil supplements altogether. They are even advising chemotherapy patients to minimize their fish consumption around the time of treatment.

Dr. Powel Brown, Clinical Cancer Prevention expert, says, “It’s an intriguing observation, which warrants further investigation. In general, when giving chemotherapy, we discourage the use of additional supplements.
“It’s very well known that some supplements affect the metabolism of chemotherapy.”

Experts have since suggested that being able to reach a reliable conclusion will prove extremely difficult due to the ethics involved in altering a patient’s cancer treatment process in a manner that would make chemotherapy less effective.


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