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Handicapp, elderly discriminated against by local taxi drivers

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Numerous complaints have been lodged against local taxi drivers for refusing service to the elderly and handicapped.

Complaints against Lazaro Cardenas del Rio, the Union of Taxi Drivers of Playa del Carmen, show that over the past several months, 15 taxi drivers have been accused of discrimination by refusing service to these two groups. The complaints were passed on to the System for Intergral Family Development (DIF) for a solution.

To rectify the problem, a group of 80 Playa del Carmen taxi drivers were trained through educational courses on how to serve this sector of the population.

Jesus Pastor Martin Medina, head of Lazaro Cardenas del Rio of Playa del Carmen, explained, “We now turned to the issue of raising awareness for the taxi drivers that did not want to serve these people. What we’ve decided to do is train them. The course teaches the taxi drivers why they should give priority to these people.”

Martin Medina says that after the taxi drivers have been verified and have provided good service, they are being rewarded with a week’s free union dues and other benefits that union has to offer.

The Union of Taxi Drivers of Cancun, Andrés Quintana Roo, have also been receiving public complaints for discrimination. Cancun taxi drivers will begin the same awareness campaign.

Those who have been trained receive verification through the Secretary of Labor of the union. DIF expects another group of 80 drivers to be trained within the near future.

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