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Half of PDC incarcerated under the age of 30

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Local deputies say lack of opportunities are pushing young people into crime.

The large number of young people in prison is beginning to draw the attention of authorities said local deputy Pearl Tun Pech. He says that lack of access to well-paying jobs is one of the main reasons why the state prisons are increasingly filled with youth under 30.

A report regarding the issue has been submitted to the Superior Court.

Tun Pech explains, “It is a very sensitive issue that the local young people are committing crimes or are involved in organized crime because there is no employment opportunities as such.” He goes on to say that executive levels such as the state government and municipalities need to implement strategies.

According to Hernán Pérez Vega, Government director, over 50 percent of the inmates at the Municipal Center in Solidarity are young people under the age of 30. However, contrary to what the deputy said, Pérez Vega explains they are not imprisoned only due to economic constraints, but also for other crimes.

Tun Pech feels that greater action is required to help the young people. He says, “We need to generate real actions to implement programs, to have a greater impact because I do not think all is lost for the young.”

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