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Guadalajara police find cocaine stuffed bread buns bound for the US

Guadalajara, Jalisco — An package inspection at the Guadalajara airport led to the finding of cocaine-stuffed bread buns bound for the United States.

During a routine inspection, members of the federal police located several packages of cocaine hidden inside bread buns which were marked destined for the US.

According to a statement, the discovery was made in the docking area inside the Tapatía Air Terminal at Guadalajara where the regional security division of the federal police performed a routine inspection.

Photo: Policía Federal de Guadalajara

The found a large bag of bread buns from Guadalajara destined for Huntington Park, California. Police were tipped off since the bread buns, which are traditional Mexican buns, were in a nonconventional wrap.

When they opened the bag, they found 15 bread buns, four of which were perforated and stuffed with bags of cocaine. The total find was 120 grams.

The buns and packages of cocaine were confiscated and sent to f the Agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation for further investigation.