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Grupo Modelo sends million bottle beer shipment to England

Progreso, Yucatan — Grupo Modelo has sent their first ever shipment of Mexico beer to England from the shipping port of Progreso.

The shipment of Mexican brewed beverages contains more than a million bottles of beer meant to satisfy the palates of the English.

The 1.3 million-bottle shipment came from their plant in Hunucmá, Yucatán, strategically located in the Mexican peninsula. The first shipment, which was sent Friday, is the beginning in what they are hoping will become a series of regular exports to England from the Yucatan Grupo Modelo.

The brewing company announced that this first shipment carries exactly 1,357,056 bottles of brew. The regional sales director for the southeast of Grupo Modelo, Eduardo Loges, said that in addition to England, the company will send 10,000 containers in 2018 to other countries including Belize, Canada, Colombia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, China, Australia and South Africa.

He says that next year, they will also be sending Mexico’s beer to France, Italy, Spain and other destinations in Europe.

Currently, the factory in Hunucmá, Yucatan is in the process of a 40 percent expansion where they produce labels such as Corona Extra, Modelo Especial Montejo and Victoria.