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Group of women using Tinder app to meet, rob men

Last updated on January 14, 2018

Mexico City, Mexico — The attorney general’s office in Mexico City is investigating a criminal group of women who allegedly contact men through the app Tinder to rob them in their homes.

Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users. While it is mainly a social media app, it is more often used as a dating app.

The mode of operation of the group of women is to make contact through Tinder with their potential victims. After making contact with a man on Tinder, the women head over to the home of their victim where they drug and rob him.

Those who have fallen into their trap say that after a few minutes with the women, they lost consciousness and that when they woke up, several of their belongings were missing.

At the moment there are already four investigative folders in the Prosecutor’s Office of Miguel Hidalgo.

“The first one began in August of this year, the last ones are in October,” said the Deputy Prosecutor Guillermo Terán Pulido.

Authorities are investigating whether the women are pouring a substance in the drinks of victims that causes them to sleep. So far, police do know that the women target high-income men, which has earned them the name “Las Goteras VIP”.

In September, Tinder became the top-grossing iOS app after letting people pay to see who likes them with nearly half a million premium users and 50 million active regular account users. Tinder is owned by the dating site, Match.