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Greyhound bus adds new US to Mexico routes

Dallas, Texas — Greyhound launches bus service from US to Mexico

Greyhound has begun servicing its new bus routes from several Texas cities into Mexico.

The Dallas-based company is now offering services from Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Laredo to Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. In preparation, Greyhound built new terminals in both Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo.

They are offering about 20 departures per day.

Greyhound says they are the first US-based intercity bus company to offer this service in Mexico.

“Service in Mexico has long been an aspiration of Greyhound, making the launch an especially meaningful event,” said Dave Leach, CEO of Greyhound.

Passengers on Greyhound will undergo the usual baggage and customer check at the border. Greyhound also says that all passengers are required to have passports.

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