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Grand Coral continues with destruction without penalties

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Despite ongoing complaints, inspections and lack of permits, the Grand Coral continues devastating local mangroves.

A municipal inspection was carried out on the grounds more than two weeks ago, yet, the Grand Coral continues to fill in the mangroves. Directorate of Planning Environmental and Urban has failed to prevent them from destroying the land.

Morentín Eduardo Ocejo, head of that agency, explained that the first inspection during the week before resulted in the developers producing a removal permit from 2008, however, they have not been able to validate its authenticity. In the meantime, the developers are carrying on with ‘business as usual’, destroying the mangroves.

Eduardo Ocejo explained, “We know Profepa did a complete review at Grand Coral, but do not know their operative in regard the mangroves.”

The continuation of the Grand Coral’s devastation has led to more citizen complaints, which has generated a new inspection. “With this new review we will determine whether there is any additional damage,” he said.

To date, Profepa officials have not fined or penalized those responsible. The Grand Coral has a long history of environmental destruction dating back to 2009. One of their violations, filling in mangroves in 2014, resulted in a large fine. They have never paid the penalty.

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