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Grand Coral continues environmental damage despite lack of permit

Cancun, Q.R, — The Grand Coral continues filling in a mangrove that, according to municipal officials, they do not have permission to do.

Grand Coral workers began filling in the mangrove earlier this week when local authorizes were alerted by concerned citizens.

Aké Liana Singing and Navarro Emilio Tamargo, Director of Environment and Urban Development Councilor, respectively, announced the municipality’s intervention to inspect the Grand Coral and its filling in of the mangrove.

According to Ake Canto, representatives of Grand Coral have hidden behind a felling permit they received from the municipal administration when Alonso Durán served as director of Environmental Planning and Urban Management. During his time as director, the Grand Coral was also granted with two hectares of mangrove.

The Grand Coral failed to apply for an extension of the permit, making their current one invalid. However, the real estate development has been used as a means to continue their work to the detriment of the environment, including the mangrove. In 2014, Grand Coral received a municipal fine of 3 million peso, which they have yet to settle.

The real estate development continues to fill in the mangrove with rocks. For three consecutive days this past week, Grand Coral continues to use large machinery to fill in the wetlands. According to the intial draft by Spanish company Bancaja from 2006 and verified by new records, the  wetlands are located on the southeastern tip of an area of 232 hectares.

Both environmental inspectors said that regulations have been reviewed and that the Grand Coral development is in violation of municipal regulations and their lack of permit punishable.

“Even if they had a permit, they would not be granted permission to interfere with the mangroves because it is a federal crime,” said the official.

Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) filed a notice with the city council on Friday for an inspection permission involving the federal court.

Emilio Tamargo said that since the Grand Coral has not yet paid their fine from last year, they will likely be given an even higher fine this time.

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