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Governor says Uber Cancun to offer competitiveness, not end existing services

Cancun, Q.R. — State governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez said that his administration is legally analyzing the ruling of the Electoral Tribunal of Quintana Roo on the popular consultation for the permanence of digital transport platforms such as Uber, adding that it would offer competitiveness, not end any existing services.

Joaquin Gonzalez said that he is respectful of the law and affirmed that he will be attentive to the requests made by the Electoral Tribunal of Quintana Roo.

“We have received the notification. I am very respectful of the law. We will be attentive to what they request, what we can provide additionally, then, we will surely offer more information as we have this series of requirements or needs that are being requested,” he explained.

Faced with accusations by the 17 taxi drivers unions of the state that the entrance of digital platforms such as Uber will affect more than 100,000 families, Carlos Joaquin said there is no reason for such statements.

He emphasized that the possible arrival of companies like Uber are only looking to offer competitiveness and better service, not end other existing services.

“I do not see the reason why they say that. I believe that we all have to be very competitive and we have to improve our service and our attention to everyone.

“This is a scheme in which we want to offer better services and that is why we are doing it. We are not killing anyone,” he said.