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Governor says due to Cancun violence, technology not enough

Cancun, Q.R. — In the face of the continual wave of criminal violence in Cancun, state governor Carlos Joaquín González says that implementing the Technological Innovation Surveillance project is not enough.

He says that it is necessary to promote more crime prevention measures adding, “We cannot just sit back and watch.

“Definitely some executions and other actions have happened that most of the time occur between groups of criminals. What we have to do is promote preventive measures, work on crime prevention,” he said.

Joaquín González confirmed that over the next few days, the state will launch the Technological Innovation of Surveillance project, which will enable greater control of what happens on the streets in the main cities of the state.

He reports that his administration has invested nearly 3 billion peso into surveillance cameras, metal detector arches and a control and surveillance center.

He says that the state police have reinforced its presence in Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, and that the next base of operations will be located between Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto before the end of this year.

The police have the proper equipment with better salaries, a good number of patrols and training, he explained.

Joaquín González said that the police presence will be reinforced by a Military Police base that will begin operations no later than October, with the purpose of providing greater security to the residents of Quintana Roo.