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Governor Carlos Joaquín begins more than 64 million in Cozumel rehabilitation

Cozumel, Q.R. — Governor Carlos Joaquín says more than 64 million peso will be invested in the image and urban infrastructure for Cozumel to provide better streets and services.

Part of the upgrades will include resurfacing of 13th street of San Miguel as well to provide inclusive services, where classrooms for students with disabilities is created, as well as health services, in which 1.9 peso will be invested to benefit the 218 students.

“Before they only thought about tourists, but with this work that will improve the city, things change for those of us who live here. We will have better streets and services with better mobility and the economy is boosted,” said José Luis Cabañas Navarrete, a long-time resident of Cozumel.

Governor Carlos Joaquín also announced the recovery of public spaces, making them accessible for the disabled along with the rehabilitation of La Selva park where the electrical installation, window frames, glass and bathroom were upgraded.

In order to recover public spaces, which helps to eliminate crime, Governor Carlos Joaquín initiated the rehabilitation program of 54 parks in the municipality of Cozumel with an investment of more than 14 million peso and initiated the start of the construction of the prolongation of Avenida 65 Sur with an investment of over 37 million peso.

He says the prolongation of the avenue, which is left charged to the State Secretariat of Public Works (SEOP), will include more than 19,000 square meters of asphalt, 2,400 meters of sidewalks, 108 pieces of lighting, signage and the installation of 40 benches.