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Governor announces solar park investment of $60 million USD

Cancun, Q.R. — State governor Carlos Manuel Joaquín González has announced the development of two photovoltaic power stations for the southern region of the state. The announcement comes during the World Energy Regulation Forum being held in Cancun.

He says the two photovoltaic power plants or solar parks, will be an investment of more than $60 million USD and would be used to supply merchant power into the electricity grid.

Joaquín González added that the renewable energy generating plants will be constructed in the municipality of Bacalar and the Mayan zone of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, as part of the Framework Program on Sustainable Energy Production.

The governor explained that it is both a private and public joint venture in coordination with the Secretariat of Energy, and that the project would help develop green energy in Quintana Roo.

“We are still in the permit phase, reviewing it together with them, but we hope that before the end of the year we can get started constructing one of them.

“It is important because in addition to generating jobs it will contribute to green energy, which is now preferred around the world to prevent the deterioration of the environment.”

He explained that each plant will consist of 140,425 solar panels that will produce green energy and generate more jobs in the region. Joaquín González said that he is working on a proposal for a sustainable electrical supply solution for remote communities through renewable energies.

“The projects represent being able to meet one of the most important challenges that we have given to our government, which is to generate more jobs and better salaries for the benefit of the population,” he noted.

He commented that new energy trading schemes are being analyzed, including entering the electricity and distributed generation market to reduce spending on energy.

Governor Carlos stressed that “the projects we promote, in the face of society, privilege transparency and fight corruption, so that the benefits are reflected in a better quality of life, better jobs and wages.”

The World Energy Regulation Forum being held in Cancun is considered one of the most important conferences on green energy. The forum is held every three years within the framework of the International Confederation of Energy Regulators and is composed of 13 association from five continents.