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Governor announces new security model for state

Cancun, Q.R. — A new security model for the state of Quintana Roo has been unveiled by the governor, Carlos Joaquin, who says his priority is to provide peace to the residents and tourists of the state.

“Together we will create the peace and tranquility we want. We are fighting against insecurity, violence and organized crime,” said Governor Carlos Joaquin after reporting that the new Optimal Model of Police Function was created to standardize criteria among police corporations.

The new model was presented to the general directors and secretaries of Public Security of the municipalities where they will work to advance steps in the fight against crime.

“Our priority is to provide tranquility to the residents of Quintana Roo and to the tourists who visit us,” said Joaquin. He explained that the main objectives of the model is to strengthen the capacity of preventative police in relation to the number of residents.

He says that other elements such as professionalism, specialized groups and certification and hiring of more police officers are also part of the new model.

“We have results in complying with the national average, established by the UN, of three police officers per 1,000 inhabitants. By adding the elements of the state police to municipal corporations, we reach an approximate number of 4,500 police officers.

“But it is still insufficient because to reach the optimal number, another 1,763 policemen are required,” explained Joaquín.

“Violence and insecurity are the result of many years of corruption, impunity and complicity of previous governments,” he added. “In this administration, the fight against crime is not corrupt and that has brought violent reactions from the criminal groups that were accustomed to negotiating with the authorities.

“On the contrary. To advance in the construction of tranquility and security, we are working on a comprehensive project for a safe and peaceful Quintana Roo,” the governor explained.

State security secretary Rodolfo del Angel Campos says, “Previously, there were no certified police officers. The evaluations of control and trust to active policemen were minimal, and only 20 percent of the police force had training in basic protocols of the public function.

“Today, 448 police officers have been trained in the six basic protocols of the police function and we have the State Commission of the Professional Service of Police Career to continue strengthening the training of security forces,” he noted.

He says 1,062 have passed the control and confidence tests, certifying police. They are currently in the process of certifying another 400.

He indicated that for 2018, the hiring of 600 operative policemen has been approved. They already had three recruitment calls in December of 2017, with another scheduled for June of this year.