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Government stands by promises, Holbox services improving

Holbox, Q.R. — Water and electrical services are being restored on the island of Holbox after a temporary closure and numerous meetings.

Government authorities are complying with requests and fulfilling promises as pipes and transformers begin to arrive on the island.

A meeting earlier this week with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) resulted in a promise to incorporate three more transformers for the island. They have also been guaranteed better garbage collection, said Bárbara Hernández, president of the Holbox Hotels Association.

“They are complying with the agreement and we hope that this will continue since the island requires the services. That was the fourth point that has already been fulfilled since the superintendent arrived with the three transformers,” she explained.

According to the agreement, 19 pipes must be maintained to have proper water service, which began arriving last Sunday.

New draining work for the island is set to begin August 21 with an investment of approximately 60 million peso. Carlos Joaquín González announced that they already have resources from the National Infrastructure Fund (Fonadin) to work on the drainage issues.

Among the agreement point is also that there are to be no more projects built until they develop an Urban Development Plan.