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Government says agreement reached, no new hotel tax increase

Cancun, Q.R. — A decision has been made to not increase the current hotel tax by another percentage point, says government secretary Francisco Lopez Mena.

The Hotel Lodging Tax will remain at three percent and will not increase to four percent as the state government announced a few days ago. Officials intended to increase the state-collected hotel tax another percent to apply the additional funds to local security programs.

Secretary of Government Francisco Lopez Mena, said that instead of increasing the tax, state businessmen committed to make the effort to pool funds voluntarily, and in the meantime, would look at other ways to increase the resources required for security.

He commented that as a government they are satisfied because they reached an agreement noting that there is a lot of support among the business sector, saying that together they can find new ways to generate more resources for the concept of security.

He recalled that in the 1980s, when the federal government withdrew resources for the tourist promotion of Cancun, the businessmen generated conditions of voluntary contribution then as well.