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Government reports 375 new businesses in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The government of Playa del Carmen reports 375 new companies have opened already this year creating hundreds of new jobs.

The government of Solidaridad reports that due to the decrease in waiting times, a total of 375 new small and medium sized businesses opened during the first quarter of the year. The opening of the new businesses generated millions of peso for the city through licenses as well as 891 new jobs.

Current acting municipal president, Samaria Angulo Sala, reported that new small and medium businesses are able to have licenses and paperwork completed for operation within 72 business hours. This has resulted in an increase in entrepreneurship in Playa del Carmen.

Belia Aguilera, the Secretary of the Council and Director General of Economic Development, says 4.2 billion peso was invested into Solidaridad through these new business prospects adding that 3.6 billion were from low risk businesses.

“These figures reflect the confidence of investors in the municipality as they continue to create these opportunities,” she said.

She explained that the majority of the new businesses were low-risk grocery stores, snack bars, offices, hairdressers, travel agencies, clinics and car rental companies. While the main high-risk start-ups were hotels, banks, restaurants with alcohol sales and laundry services.

Beltrán Aguilera pointed out that in Solidaridad, the opening of low risk companies only require four documents to start which include the operating license, land use license, Civil Protection safety and the sanitary / health license.

The new start-up format was put into place at the beginning of the year when the System of Quick Opening of Companies (SARE) was implemented with extended hours to help new companies begin operating more quickly.

Last year, city officials reported the opening of 80 new restaurants throughout Playa del Carmen.