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Government officials inspect Cancun airport for quality of services

Cancun, Q.R. — Inspectors from the Federal Attorney’s Office (Profeco) have been inspecting businesses at the Cancun International Airport to verify the quality of the services being offered.

The Deputy Prosecutor for Services, Maria de los Angeles Jasso Cisneros, led a tour and inspection of the terminal in which she was accompanied by state delegate, Xavier de Jesús Rosado Martínez.

Angeles Jasso Cisneros said the visit is part of the Vacation and Tourism 2018 verification and monitoring program, which includes the distribution of passenger rights brochures with versions in Spanish, English and French.

The trip to the Cancun International Airport was made to verify compliance with the reforms and additions to the Civil Aviation Law and the Federal Consumer Protection Laws. She said they were inspecting for the rights for consumers, to verify the quality of the services provided and implement improvements.

With millions of passengers using the airport, Profeco in Quintana Roo has received only 64 complaints over the past 11 months with a conciliation percentage of 90 percent.

She added that consumers are being served in the service modules installed at the Cancun International Airport, which provide advice, information and immediate conciliation of complaints or non-conformities.

The inspections, which will continue until August 19, are done in coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation and with operators and administrators of the airports, as well as the International Air Transport Association and the National Air Transportation Chamber to raise awareness of the importance of serving tourists well.