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Google Translate now has instant camera translation

Google’s Translate app for Android received a much-needed update this past week that has brought with it, a new feature.

On-demand translate offers the ability to translate, on demand, any text you see in other Android apps. To use this app, Google Translate must be running in the background. Once launched, users can copy, cut, paste and select text, triggering a translation. This part of Google’s translation works in 90 languages.

One of the app’s slickest features, though, is the instant camera translation. When Google acquired Quest Digital back in May 2014, they had incorporated that technology into their translation app, which is how the instant camera translation technology came to be.

The instant camera translate works when users launch the app, select the languages they want to translate between then touch the camera icon. Pointing their phone (camera) at what they want to translate will instantly be seen in translation on the screen. Google says that if the text is hand written, too small, in a stylized font or not well-lit, the app won’t be able to read or translate it.

Google continues to expand the languages in their translation apps for all their devices. The instant camera app is available for Andriod, iPhone and iPad.


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