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Google Maps offers offline service

The latest app update from Google Maps now lets users click and navigate their maps even when they’re offline.

Prior to the company’s Tuesday update, Google Maps worked much like a paper map for users who were offline. However, the new update now allows people to navigate the online map by downloading the map of choice in a single click then getting the full turn-by-turn navigation the next time you are without the internet.

With a downloaded map, people will be able to search for specific destinations, access information about businesses or anything else they need without being connected to the internet, but there are some limitations. Google mentions that real-time events such as traffic reports, user generated photos and satellite views will not be included until you connect to the internet again.

The new Google Maps update has already begun hitting Android phones. The company says the iOS update is on its way.

Offline Maps is available globally in more than 200 countries.


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