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Glass app has mind-reading ability to snap photos

This Place, a London, UK start-up, has developed an app that allows Google Glass to take a photo just by thinking about it. The new app, called MindRDT, is not a Google gadget, but rather, is the software that when put together with Glass, performs the brain wave magic.

Software developers in the UK and US are constantly working ways to get the full potential out of Google’s Glass. The start-up company, This Place, together with MindWave Mobile (from NeuroSky) seems to have succeeded with the development of its new software, taking faced-based computer to an entirely new level. It’s safe to say that quite literally, Glass can now read your mind.

The software program works by gathering information from your mind and interpreting brain activity with NeuroSky’s headset (an attachment that sits above Glass) that is designed with a pad on the end of a bar that presses against the user’s forehead.

MindRDR app works with the monitor to detect extra levels of brain activity, so when a user begins to concentrate on something – an object, for example – a white horizontal line appears on Google’s Glass screen. The more the user concentrates on a particular object, the higher the white bar moves on the screen.

If a user continues to concentrate long enough for the bar to reach the top, the device’s shutter goes off, taking a mind-provoked photo. If a user continues to focus, the white bar will again go to the top of the device and send your photo to social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

While the thought of this is unsettling to some, Google says the device won’t be available in the Glass app store – at least, not yet — as they’ve not reviewed or approved it. This Place, though, is keen to get their software up and running and are offering it for free, however, a user will need to fork out about $120 US for NueroSky’s funky headset.


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