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German company Leoni begins operations in second Yucatán plant

Merida, Yucatán — German company Leoni has opened a part of its second plant that is already employing 200 people.

The director of Leoni for America, José Conceicao toured the factory facilities with Yucatan Governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal. José Conceicao says that since October, the factory has been producing components in the first of two industrial buildings.

This part of their second factory, which is 7,000 square meters, is their second within the year, noting that the construction of the second factory was announced six months after the completion of their first.

Agustín Menéndez Reyes, executive of the German firm that manufactures electronic harnesses and cables for application in the automotive industry, stressed that the decision to establish this second plant in the state was made after having previous experience with the first located in the municipality of Kanasín.

Menéndez Reyes says that Yucatán has excellent conditions in terms of security, human resources and connectivity due to its strategic connections by air and sea, adding that the manufacturing center already employs 200 people who work in different operational and administrative areas.

He says that within the next two years, the factory will generate 2,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs noting that the current staff is composed of 40 percent engineers, while the remaining 60 focuses on manual processes.

The complex, will is scheduled for completion in March of 2019, will consists of 40,000 square meters and house production areas, administrative offices, a dining room and areas of common use with an investment of $37.5 million USD.