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General attorney says he’s not resigning despite rise in Cancun crime

Cancun, Q.R. — After several suggestive public requests for his resignation, State Attorney General Miguel Ángel Pech Cen says he has no plans to resign.

Due to an increase in homicides and lack of results, several requests have been voiced publicaly during the past few weeks, suggesting he resign from his position, however the attorney general says he does not have plans to do that.

Miguel Ángel Pech recalled that he was appointed by state congress to serve as prosecutor for a period of nine years, and to date, they have yet to request his resignation.

“Today that is not in the plans, however, for the serious faults that are being committed, that is the decision of the congregation. They will have to make the best decision,” he said during an interview with Noticaribe.

Given the recurrent problem of lack of resources, Pech Cen stressed that next year they expect to obtain a budget of 1.2 billion peso to have optimal performance, which would represent twice the amount that is being exercised in 2018, which is a budget of 663 million peso.

When questioned about the continual violence in Cancun, the state prosecutor said that it is due to the six or seven criminal groups that are operating in the city, noting that many of the homicide cases have not been resolved due to lack of collaboration from family members and witnesses, which means a lack of evidence.

There are a reported 500 cases from last year to date, most of which remain unresolved. Pech Cen was voted into the position in December of 2016 by a plenary session of State Congress. He is to serve as state prosecutor until 2025.