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Gasoline and propane see price adjustments in New Year

Cancun, Q.R. – The year has begun with adjustments on energy prices as the price of gasoline decreases while the price of propane gas increases.

Both gasoline and diesel experienced a decrease in prices for the first time in years. As of January 1, new gasoline prices set for Magna now cost 13.16 peso per liter, down 41 cents from 2015 prices. Premium gas is 13.98 peso per liter, down 40 cents while diesel now costs 13.77, down 43 cents from 2015 prices.

By contrast, in this first month of 2016 liquefied petroleum gas (LP) in the Federal District and in some municipalities of the states of Mexico and Hidalgo rose to 14.53 pesos per kilogram, which is an increase of 39 cents compared to prices as of the last day of the year.

The price of propane gas also increased in Quintana Roo. A 20 kg tank of propane now costs 290.60 peso, but buying off the truck will set you back a little more with a 20 kg tank costing 313.60, an increase of about 7.60 peso over last year.


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