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Gas leaks cause daily concern for local fire fighters

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Fire fighters in Solidarity say the most common issue they face on a daily basis are gas leaks.

Horacio Moreno Trinidad, director of the Fire Department, says that on an average day they deal with five gas cylinder leaks. He explained that many of the cylinders used in households are old and in poor condition.

“Within a month we report about 150 cylinders in poor condition and on average, seize about 80 of them,” he said. “Once a gas tank is seized, they are stored in the central station where the gas companies review them.”

He added that there is not any one part of the city of Playa del Carmen where the problem of leaking gas cylinders is more prevalent. He says that the problem is all over despite public warnings about the dangers of using old tanks.

Moreno Trinidad says that people should not use gas cylinders that are dented and if you smell gas, to immediately close the valve and leave the home. He also said that gas cylinder storage is important. A gas tank should not be stored inside bedrooms or on staircases, but instead, should be kept in an open space with proper ventilation.

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