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Gas Express Nieto: 436 complaints and 20 million in fines since 2013

Gas Express Nieto, the company assumed responsible for the deadly explosion that killed four and injured dozens of others last week, received more than 20 million peso in fines from PROFECO between 2013 and this year.

According to the Federal Consumer Protection, the gas company received the massive fines for preventing inspections of their fuel-dispensing pipes and values and currently has 436 complaints against them from around Mexico.

During a press conference, Lorena Martinez Rodriguez of PROFECO said, “Gas Nieto is a negative enterprise, but also a litigious company, we have so far 167 judgments against them and have no intention to pay the fines that we have issued.

“I think it’s a company that is well worth making a complete overhaul, not just in terms of security, but also to check if they’re paying their taxes.”

Martinez pointed out that PROFECO cannot close the gas company but only impose fines because the company does not allow authorities, such as inspectors, to enter their establishment.

“It is a company of which we receive many complaints, and a company that has accumulated more than 436 complaints nationwide, totaling fines of 20 million pesos,” said Martinez.

According to offical records, Gas Express Nieto has only paid 36 fines totaling 250,000 peso. The remainder of the fines have resulted in court proceedings.

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