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Garcinia Cambogia fails to live up to weight loss hype

Last updated on January 21, 2018

Dubbed everything from a new super fruit diet and miracle dual-action fat-burner to the holy grail for weight loss, garcinia cambogia is another diet craze profit-run that agencies swear sheds those unwanted pounds. Even though garcinia cambogia fails to live up to the weight loss hype, it has become so popular that this herb-derived compound has become a staple base ingredient in many commercial weight loss products.

Garcinia is a species of Clusiaceae plant native to Polynesia, Asia, Australia and Southern Africa. Included in the more than 100 species of Garcinia are G.gummi-gutta and Purple Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) the fruit of which contain hydroxycitric acid, an extract from the outer skin of the plant’s fruit. It’s this hydroxycitric acid extract that is used in weight loss supplements.

Hydroxycitric acid is touted as the acclaimed miracle fat-burner, appetite suppressant and / or fat-blocking property — depending on which supplement company you believe — that has people glorifying garcinia cambogia from one end of the planet to the other. The question is, does this ‘new’ breakthrough in weight loss live up to the hype?

The plant was first studied for its weight loss properties by J.A. Watson and J.M. Lowenstein back in the 1960s, which automatically refutes claims of it being a new breakthrough. The first published study, however, which was released by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1998, revealed the conclusions that studies since then have also revealed.

Studies involving hundreds of overweight men and women and the weight loss affects of garcinia cambogia each shared similar conclusions: “that garcinia cambogia failed to produce any significant fat mass loss or weight loss beyond the observed placebo groups.”

A renowned conclusion by researchers has been that, while some data proved encouraging, there has been limited and contradictory results lacking evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that garcinia cambogia is effective for aiding in weight loss. Scientists also concluded that the when it came to data on the dietary supplements involving garcinia cambogia, yohimbe, hydroxy-methylbutyrate, plantago psyllium, chromium picolinate, ephedra sinica, guar gum, pyruvate, chitosan, yerba maté, and glucomannan, none could be recommended for over-the-counter weight loss use.

Garcinia cambogia has many aliases including, acide aydroxycitrique, garcinia cambogia, hydroxycitrate, AHC, brindle berry, cambogia gummi-guta, tamarinier de malabar, garcinia cambogi, garcinia quaesita, gorikapuli, HCA, kankusta, brindal berry, garcinia gummi-guta, hydroxycitric acid, malabar tamarind, mangostana cambogia and vrikshamla, none of which have proven themselves effective at helping people lose weight.

It is important to speak with your doctor or health care professional before using garcinia cambogia or any other health plant extract as a method of weight loss. The best methods still seem to be the old tried-and-true practices of regular exercise and a healthy diet.


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