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Funnel cloud forms over Cancun lagoon

Cancun, Q.R. – A funnel cloud was spotted over a lagoon in Cancun this past weekend. Although the funnel did not cause damage, it still caught the attention of those eating at a nearby restaurant located on the lagoon.

The funnel cloud was seen at 5:30 p.m. over the Nichupte Lagoon in the Cancun Hotel Zone. The long funnel hovered for a few moments over the lagoon before retreating and disappearing. Dozens of onlookers snapped photographs and video of the event, which was quickly posted to various social media platforms.

A funnel cloud is a funnel-shaped cloud of condensed water droplets associated with a rotating column of wind extending from the base of a thunderstorm cloud (usually a cumulonimbus or towering cumulus cloud). The clouds are formed when a column gets caught in a supercell updraft and the updraft tightens the spin and it speeds up, much like a skater spins faster when their arms are pulled in close to the body. From this, a funnel cloud is created. The rain and hail in the thunderstorm cause the funnel to touch down creating a tornado.

The Cancun-Riviera Maya region along the Yucatan Peninsula has experienced an anomalous mixture of very warm and very cold air since the beginning of January.

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