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Fugitive arrested, sent back to US prison

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – After an extensive search, a man wanted in the state of Texas has been arrested in Playa del Carmen.

A Colombian native who authorities say escaped from a federal US prison, was eventually located and arrested in Playa del Carmen. In a statement, the National Security Commission said that efforts to recapture the man was managed with the cooperative help between both Mexican and American governments.

The man, Juan Carlos Marin Cardona, managed to elude authorities by using an alias Alexander Rey Marin Cardona. Police said the fugitive was detected by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security when he entered Mexico on March 15 on a flight from Paris, France.

After extensive searches of hotels, bus stations, airports and even hospitals by federal troops, a man matching the physical description was found using the name Alexander Rey Marin Cardona.

Juan Carlos Marin Cardona is wanted in the state of Texas for health crimes. After an immigration and homeland security review, Marin Cardona was transferred to the Cancun International Airport for deportation.

Last week, an Italian man was arrested in Playa del Carmen and returned to Rome.


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