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French designer sells 237 peso handbags for 28,000

Mexico City, D.F. — Famous French designer, Christian Louboutin, takes 2,000 Mayan bags to Italy where they are sold for an average of 28,000 peso each.

The French designer, who is famous for his red-soled ladies shoes, hired four Maya women to hand-embroider 2,000 woman’s bags to be sold at a show in Italy. The five-month project was accepted by a handful of Maya women in the municipality of Santo Domingo, Maxcanú, located south of the state.

Late last year, the women contacted Louboutin through the Maya World Haciendas Foundation and the Taller Maya Trader, who came to visit them in December to see their work. Impressed, he hired them to embroider handbags.

The women, who had no idea how much the bags would be sold for, charged the designer 237 peso per bag for their handiwork. According to the women, each one got around 7,000 pesos during the five months of work.

The launch of the Mexican collection was May 3 in Italy. Each piece was considered unique and fetched an average price of 28,000 peso each since the collection was characterized by being made of waist loom with a base of flowers and birds, precious stones and pieces of cuerno.

Louboutin provided the women with threads, weaving looms and all other materials needed to complete the project. The women only took charge of embroidering.

María Deysi Balam Cauich, 54, one of the four embroideries said, “It is good that they sold well. The work was a blessing and we were able to make good money that we had not seen in a long time.”

Alba Leticia Cituk Tzec, who has a younger daughter, reported that they charged 237 pesos for each of the embroidery. “We are very poor, thank God we are working. This collaboration drove us because we went online,” she said, referring to the Maya World Haciendas Foundation and the Taller Maya Trader based in Mexico City.

They work as women, the majority with children and whose income through embroidery contribute to the economy of their home. She and her companions worked for five months to deliver to the designer’s 2,000 bags that were embroidered with their regional costume and multicolored flowers, which adorned each bag and are now marketed internationally.

The Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation, which served as an intermediary, reported that 10 percent of each item sold in Christian Louboutin boutiques will go directly to its social enterprise program which helps these women with infrastructure, material, accompaniments and logistics. Already with proceeds, their small town was able to build a secure station where the women can work.