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Four year old boy snatched by crocodile at Oaxaca lagoon

La Blanca Beach, Oaxaca — A child who was snatched by a crocodile while walking with his family has yet to be found. Authorities say that the child visited the city on January 1 when he was attacked by the reptile at the La Blanca lagoon.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:00 a.m. at the La Blanca beach lagoon in the municipality of Pinotepa Nacional. Civil Protection said the 4-year-old child was walking with his parents along the lagoon when he was cornered by a large crocodile.

He was attacked and dragged into the lagoon. Authorities were searching to find remains of the young child. Oaxaca mayor, Guillermo García Cajero, said that boats were being used to expand the search area for the boy.

“In that lagoon there are many crocodiles. It is difficult to detect what animal it was, but everything is being done to find some remains of the child,” he explained.

The family was vacationing in Oaxaca from their home town of Huajintepec, Guerrero.

Municipal authorities report that over the last year, three other people have also been attacked by crocodiles at the lagoon.