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Four arrested in Tulum after inspection reveals illegal firearms

Tulum, Q.R. — Four people have been arrested outside the seaside town of Tulum for carrying illegal firearms.

The arrests took place at the police filter in the municipality of Tulum along the Tulum-Playa del Carmen highway.

There, state police officers stopped a Dodge brand vehicle with tinted windows that they said was being driven suspiciously. For this reason, police pulled the vehicle over and began a preventive inspection, while the occupants were asked if they were carrying any illegal items, which they denied.

After asking for identification, police proceeded to inspect the trunk of the vehicle where they found a black backpack containing a long weapon, a short weapon, 25 cartridges, a radio communicator, a weapon holder and a cartridge magazine.

The group was asked to provide the legal documentation needed to carry such items, however, when they could not produce the paperwork, all four were arrested. They were identified publicly only by their initials and sent to the office of the Attorney General.

For security reasons, Cancun police are in the process of cracking down on vehicles with dark tinted windows. Last week, an American man was arrested in Cozumel for entering the country with an illegal firearm.