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Four arrested in Cancun kidnapping, state officials investigate for criminal ring

Cancun, Q.R. — The Attorney General’s Office reports the arrest of four men alleged responsible for the recent kidnapping of a young Cancun university student.

Members of state and municipal police assigned to the Kidnapping Investigation sector for the north zone rescued the young woman who was reported missing October 19 from a bus stop on Colosio Boulevard.

Investigative work by a specialized group led to the rescue of the woman and arrest of the four men. The woman was found alive on the fourth floor of a building in the Paseos del Mar subdivision in region 251 of Cancun.

When approaching the building, navy and police were met with gunfire, which was returned. Eventually, the four alleged involved in her kidnapping were taken into custody. They have since been presented to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

This was the second kidnapping in Cancun in recent days after the owner of a barber shop was also kidnapped and held for ransom. He was released after his family paid the one-million-peso ransom.

Gustavo Salas Salgado, Interino Fiscalía General de Quintana Roo

In a press conference, the interino Fiscalía General de Quintana Roo (intern attorney general), Gustavo Salas Salgado, acknowledged the existence of criminal gangs saying that the bands arise “suddenly”.

“The bands emerge and seek, you know, a payment,” he said.

“We still do not know if they are part of a gang and due to privacy, we cannot say anymore,” he added.

He did note that there may be more members of this group, pointing out that these people were already in the state.

“They are here, but they are from different places,” he said adding that he did not have the number of kidnappings in the state, saying only that “there are several.”

In the kidnapping of the university student, a ransom of two million peso was demanded, however, the family did not make payment.