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Four arrested in Cancun carrying firearm, crack

Cancún, Q.R. — Four people were arrested in Cancun Thursday after police conducting a surveillance tour noticed them in a taxi.

The arrest took place on Avenida Andrés Quintana Roo in front of the Plaza Outlet. According to the Municipal Secretariat of Public Safety and Traffic report, while doing surveillance of the area, the four were spotted in a taxi at 3:35 a.m. Police approached the taxi quickly noticed two of the males were concealing items in the front of their pants.

When searching the four, police say they found a total of 30 packages of crack cocaine along with a firearm and cartridges.

The three men and one woman were taken into custody and sent to the Cancun jail. Arrested were 22-year-old Tomás, Omar, 19, Isaí, 21 and Ligia, 37. Both Omar and Isai have criminal records, however, police did not say what the previous charges were.