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Former Borge lawyer finally arrested in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Former Roberto lawyer, César González Melgarejo, was arrested in Cancun Saturday after leaving hospital.

González Melgarejo was arrested in the early hours of Saturday by the Special Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office just after being discharged from a local hospital under a false name.

González Melgarejo was Borge’s main figurehead in the multimillion-dollar acquisition of ships awarded to the company, Barcos Caribe.

The company continues to be under investigation by the State Attorney’s Office of Quintana Roo. The Specialized Unit in Financial Analysis of the PGR along with the Tax Administration System (SAT), are investigating Barcos Caribe for hiding the purchase of five vessels totaling 300 million peso.

González Melgarejo was arrested and transferred to Mexico City where he was placed at the disposal of a federal judge in Nezahualcoyotl. He is accused of money laundering, the same charges for which former Governor Roberto Borge remains imprisoned.

Barcos Caribe is a shipping company whose owner and legal representative are employees of the family of former governor of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge Angulo.

It is the same shipping company that experienced the ferry explosion in Playa del Carmen in February of 2018.