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Ford recalls vehicles made in Mexico for faulty doors

Ford Motor Company has made a recall of nearly 390,000 vehicles due to faulty door latches.

Ford says there is potential for the doors to open while the vehicle is in motion.

The recall covers Ford Fiestas produced from 2012 to 2014. The recall also includes Ford Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusions produced in 2014. The recall only includes vehicles manufactured in Mexico.

On Friday, the global auto producer said that a part in the door latch spring assembly may break causing the latch to fail. If the latch fails, it could result in the door flying open while the vehicles are being driven.

Ford reports several accidents occurring from faulty latches that range from sore shoulders from bouncing doors to an accident when a door flew open, hitting another car.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began investigating door latches on Ford Fiestas in September after 61 complaints were lodged. Car owners said their doors flew open while the car was in motion.

Mark Rosekind, NHTSA, released a statement saying that in response to the investigation, Ford has taken steps to protect consumers. He says the company acknowledges there is a “demonstrated clear risk to safety.”

Ford Motor Company will replace all door latches at no cost.

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