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Ford Motors announces Mexico return to produce electric cars

Mexico City, Mexico — Fotor Company is modifying its plant in Cuautitlán Izcalli, state of Mexico, to produce its first electric vehicle for global customers because it allows them to have significant savings in production cost and space.

The company says that they expect to start the assembly of this vehicle in 2020, in what will be the first mass electric car produced in Mexico.

They reiterated that they are accelerating their development of aspirational electric vehicles that will be leveraged with their brand strength, while in Michigan (where they originally wanted to produce) they will dedicate themselves to the manufacturing of autonomous vehicles.

“The creation of Team Edison and our collaborations with Zotye Automobile and Mahindra Group underscore how confident we are of the market opportunity for our electric companies around the world, including the self-driven.”

They say that they will increase their investments in the United States to accelerate the manufacture of vehicles without a driver, because they consider that the future of mobility are these units. This means the creation of more jobs in the American Union.

The transfer of the production of the electric vehicle from Michigan to Cuautitlán comes after the company canceled the $1 billion USD investment in a new plant in San Luis Potosí (Mexico) at the beginning of 2017.

Ford maintains the production of its Fiesta model at the Cuautitlán Izcalli plant, a manufacturing site that is also used to receive imported cars from the United States.