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Florida company interested in Mexico’s presidential plane

Mexico City, Mexico — A Florida company has expressed interested in renting the Mexican government’s air fleet, including the presidential airplane.

During his campaign, president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he would not use the plane and that he would sell it if elected. On Friday, he announced that he has received a proposal from a Miami company to “Acquire for a time and pay rent to the government for all planes and helicopters.”

In a press conference, the president-elect explained that “We will do what is best for us with the helicopters that are used for the transfer of high public officials. I am already receiving proposals and offers.

“I just received a proposal. A company in Florida is proposing to rent, acquire for a time and pay an income to the government for all the planes and helicopters,” adding that the interested company is JeatLease based in West Palm Beach.

He says they sent a list of aircraft and helicopters that they are interested in using.

According to the proposal by JeatLease, the company says they are interested in leasing the presidential plane TP-01 (Boeing 787-8-2009) and the Boeing 757-1987 that is in custody of the Presidential General Staff, in addition to helicopters assigned to dependencies such as the Secretariat of the Navy Armada of Mexico, National Defense, National Water Commission and Attorney General of the Republic.

López Obrador did not provide details about the terms of the proposal or if he was going to meet with the company.

When López Obrador takes office on December 1, only 19.18 percent of the cost of the presidential plane will have been paid, less than 20 percent of a multi-billion peso loan that was financed over a 15-year period.

The presidential plane was purchased in 2012 during the last year of the government of former President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa for just under 6.1 billion peso.