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Five new mega malls for Mexico in 2018

Mexico City, Mexico — The uncertainty generated by the possible change in commercial relations with the United States has not had an effect on investors developing in Mexico. Next year, at least five mega-malls are planned to open around the country.

With investments of more than 7 billion peso, modern mega shopping centers are planned for the coming year. The first of which will be complete is Parque Las Antenas of Fibra Danhos which is already 83 percent complete. The new 86,500 square meter project is located between Iztapalapa and Xochimilco in Mexico City and will be one of the first malls in the country to feature amenities such as trade fair and fashion boutiques.

“We have lease agreements signed and in the process of signing for 54 percent of your ABR,” reports Fibra Danhos.

Las Antenas Park is another project planned. It is being constructed by Gicsa de Abraham Cababie in the Yucatán capital and will consist of 62,000 square meters. The estimated investment is 1.6 billion peso and is scheduled to open during the first half of 2018 since it is already 85 percent complete.

“The project will be located in the city of Mérida in the state of Yucatán, within the residential development Cabo Norte. The project will combine a shopping center, residential area and hotel with 140 rooms, as well as a lake with canals, green areas, planters, department stores, jewelry stores, furniture stores.

It will also have a wide variety of restaurants and family entertainment areas from cinemas, children’s center, among others”, says the development firm.

The Harbor Mérida by Thor Urbana Capital will offer shoppers 72,000 square meters once complete. With and an investment of around 1.4 billion peso, the project will be located in the mixed-use Vía Vallejo complex, which is located on Paseo de Montejo. With this complex it is expected to attract recognized brands such as Forever 21 that previously had no presence in the area. It is expected to open in the first quarter of 2018.

Puebla is also on the list for a mega store, which will be Explanada Puebla de Gicsa. With 87,000 square meters of space and an estimated investment of 1.2 billion peso, the project will be the first of 5 locations developed by the company with its new concept with fairs, gyms and a sales area for local producers.

Sentura Tlalnepantla from Fibra Shop is in the works for Tlalnepantla de Baz in the state of Mexico, north of Mexico City. Once complete, it will consists of more than 87,000 square meters at an investment cost of 408 million peso. The mega shopping center is at 95 percent completion and is set to open at the beginning of 2018.