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Five Mexicans die in Havana plane crash

Havana, Cuba — The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation has confirmed the death of five Mexican nationals in the Friday Havana, Cuba plane crash.

A plane departing from the José Martí International Airport in Havana bound for the Cuban city of Holguín, crashed during take off. The crash was recorded at 12:08 on a commercial Boeing 737 aircraft leased by Cubana de Aviación to the Mexican airline Global Air.

The plane fell in Lutgardita near a train line in an area of agricultural crops. On the aircraft were 113 people. According to Cuban media, emergency services have rescued three female survivors, who are reported to be in critical condition.

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation confirmed that at least five Mexicans, all crew members, lost their lives. According to the federal agency, the deceased are Captain Jorge Luis Núñez Santos, first officer Miguel Ángel Arreola Ramírez and cabin crew María Daniela Ríos, Abigail Hernández García and Beatriz Limón.

Cuba’s president, Díaz-Canel, reported on the “unfortunate accident” that 113 people were traveling on the plane. Of them, he says 104 were “mostly foreign” passengers and nine crew members.

According to news agency Cubadebate, the plane fell shortly after taking off from the runway. Firefighters rushed to the scene to try and extinguish the flames that erupted as a huge fireball after the crash.