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Five arrested, six mototaxis seized in Playa del Carmen as Sintra stops their startup

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — In an attempt to prevent a new mototaxi service from starting, the ministry of transportation had the vehicles confiscated.

Five people were arrested and six vehicles seized in an operation by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation (Sintra) to stop a new service of motorcycle taxis in Playa del Carmen. Police were nearby when inspectors from Sintra proceeded to stop the mototaxi units from operating.

The six motorcycle taxis were loaded onto a tow truck destined for the pound. During the process, several mototaxi drivers tried to stop the seizure, but ended up being arrested by municipal police.

Taxi drivers were first to react to the news of the new service, ready to protest against the motorcycle taxis.

Currently, several unions operate mototaxis in Puerto Aventuras, however, at the beginning of the current municipal administration in Solidaridad, it was clarified that they would not be allowed to operate in Playa del Carmen.