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Five arrested in Cancun kidnapping of 39 Cubans

Cancun, Q.R. — State officials have announced the rescue of 39 Cuban nationals reportedly being held against their will in a building in downtown Cancun.

La Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) of Mexico reported that in coordination with members of the armed forces, they rescued 39 Cuban migrants who had been kidnapped by four of their Cuban companions.

General director of the PGR, Jorge Nader Kuri, explained that the rescue was made Thursday night in Cancun after an anonymous tip.

The official said that members of the PGR, in coordination with personnel from the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) of the National Defense (Sedena), “Rescued 35 men and 4 women in Cancun, all of them migrant victims and of Cuban nationality, who, it seems, were deprived of their freedom and waiting for a probable payment for their release.”

Photo: La Procuraduría General de la República

Nader Kuri explained that the discovery of the people was derived from an anonymous report to which security elements responded. Authorities went to the location provided by the tip, which was in downtown Cancun.

He noted that when police neared the building they heard cries for help. Once inside, the victims pointed to four men, all of Cuban nationality, as the people responsible for their deprivation of liberty.

All four were arrested. Nadar Kuri added that while they were transporting the victims to hospital for medical attention, a fifth man of Mexican nationality was also identified as being part of the kidnapping ring.

The official explained “He was pointed out by approximately 30 victims as the one who brought them food, so he was also arrested.”

He added that inside the building, police found cash in addition to telecommunication equipment and vehicles.

The four arrested Cubans and the 39 Cuban victims were all made available to the Public Ministry of the Federation to determine their legal status.

Due to Cuba’s proximity to Cancun, which is about 300 kilometers, Nada Kuri says migrants from Cuba see the Mexican resort as a place to stay or a first step on their journey to the United States.