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Fishing season anticipated to be a good year

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Fishermen from Xamán-Há will have a successful year-end, meeting their expectations for the fishing season, which despite storms and relentless rains, will yield better dividends than last year.

This year, local fishermen are anticipating a 150 tonne seasonal catch, an increase over last year where they recorded only 100 tonnes.

José Gómez Burgos, president of the organization said that “We are practically in the middle of the season. The closure is coming and so far we have counted about 60 tons of different species, but we must remember that we have had interruptions due to storms and hurricanes, so we will overcome those obstacles in the second half,” he said.

This year, the fishing season began during the second week of September and will end in mid-December. Fishermen say this season they are catching species like snapper, liseta, dorado, boquinete and barracuda, which are the most common species for this region of the Caribbean.

Gómez Burgos adds that the average seasonal catch is around 120 tonnes each year, although in 2016 there was a slight drop to just under 100 tonns he says, which was also due to natural weather effects that saw several port closures during the fishing season.

José Gómez says that the months of low season have been tough for the fishermen who rely only on tourism because of the rains, but now that the days are good, they are taking advantage of them.