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First red macaw chick successfully born in Veracruz

Tuxtlas, Veracruz — A red macaw has been born in the wild, the first of its kind in Mexico in more than 50 years.

The baby bird was successfully born in August in a wild environment. The chick was born on the grounds of the Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve and is the result of a rescue project between the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve, Ancient Forest Association and the Xcaret Ecological Park.

The university says it’s been 50 years since a red macaw was last spotted in the wild in the Tuxtlas jungle of Veracruz. Patricia Escalante, a researcher at the Institute of Biology of UNAM said there is no point in releasing macaws in the area if they do not have others to breed with.

The birth of the scarlet macaw means hope for the project and for the conservation of the species.

Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Mouriño, deputy director of the Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve, commented that “It is a team effort of thesis experts and biologists expert in macaws.”

According to researchers, there are four sites for the release of this species which are La Otra Opción Ecological Reserve, Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve (project’s operational site), Benito Juárez Ejidal Reserve and Dos Amates Ejidal Reserve.

The breeding season of the scarlet macaw began in March. The biologists continue to observe the chick through a camera installed in the nest while allowing its parents to raise it without interference.