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First of the ex-officials of Solidaridad arrested and jailed

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The first of the officials under Mauricio Góngora’s government has been arrested and detained.

Former director of Expendables Felipe de Jesus Castillo Meseta, has been arrested and sent to the Municipal Retention Center in Playa del Carmen. The former government official, who was part of the Mauricio Góngora government that ran Solidaridad last term, was arrested for the crime of embezzlement and diversion of public funds.

The charge, which was filed against him by the current Solidaridad administration, alleges that Castillo Meseta is involved in the diversion of 200 million peso of public resources from the municipal coffers.

Felipe de Jesús Castillo Meseta is one of several former officials denounced by the current Mayor Cristina Torres Gómez in several files documenting a breakdown of millions of peso in municipal funds.

So far, the current municipal administration has detected deviations or lack of resources of more than 500 million peso, which has generated several complaints before the FGE and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

Cristina Torres Gómez says, “Today we wake up with a person already arrested who will have to answer for the damage done to the Solidarians.” She emphasized her outraged at how much municipal and federal funding went into the pockets of some rather than to the needs of the municipality.

In reaction to the arrest of Felipe Castillo Meseta, she says city council will continue to seek and return the money that was stolen from the public coffers.