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Fee propsed to take photos inside Tulum ruins

Tulum, Q.R. – Visitors to the popular Tulum ruins may begin paying more when they enter the park.

A new fee has been proposed that would allow archeological visitors to take photos inside the ruins. Entrance to the park is currently 65 peso for adults, however the new proposal is to charge an additional 45 peso to take photos.

Tulum offers some of the state’s most photographed areas as thousands take selfies with the Caribbean Sea as a background. Experts are saying that these types of photographs are the best form of free advertising possible and that charging people to take photographs inside the site is not the best decision.

If implemented, the additional 45 peso fee would apply to anyone wanting to use their cell phone, tablet, amateur video or still camera inside the walled enclosure.

Julio Villagómez Villalobos, representative at the Tulum archaeological site, says the proposed fee has generated anger among tourists, especially national visitors.

The proposal to charge photographing fees was included in the approved 2016 rates, but the additional fee has yet to be implemented.

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